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Colorado Horseback Riding at its BEST!

I have been riding Colorado's trails since 2002.

One of my favorite times to ride is in the Fall when the aspen trees are a brillant gold, and the hillsides sparkle with gold and green.

I've ridden the flat lands and high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

This little Guide Book offers You my favorite places to ride that are close to Denver.

When trying out new trails it's helpful to know what the footing is like, is there ample horse trailer parking, and more.

I've taken all the GUESS WORK out for you and you'll know exactly what to expect on these trails.

Plus this little book is HANDY to keep in your SADDLEBAGS or glove box!

Horseback Riding in Colorado: Day Trips from Denver

Horseback Riding in Colorado: Day Trips from Denver


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Guide Book - fits perfectly into your saddle bag, tack box or glove compartment in your vehicle. Kim Baker has over a decade of trail riding experience. She has ridden many trails throughout Colorado’s Front Range with her trusty horse Night. Kim is a firm believer of cross-training horses and incorporates it into her natural horse training methods. She teaches horses how to negotiate trail obstacles and ride inside and outside the arena. In Horseback Riding in Colorado: Day Trips from Denver you will get a glimpse into a handful of Kim’s favorite trail rides that are only a few hours or less from the Denver metro area. Many of these horseback rides are highly recommended to see the fall colors and experience the beauty of Colorado.