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7 Steps to the Horse of Your Dreams!

dream horse

Lead your bucking, rearing, disrespectful horse to the relationship you've always dreamed of!

bucking horse

Echo was as wild as horses come. She would buck anyone or anything off! She also reared when she had a mind to. No one wanted her. She was passed from trainer to trainer with no improvement.

Finally one trainer took Echo on. With some dedication, patience, and following the 7 steps of "Groundwork Essentials," Echo turned into the DREAM HORSE for one young girl. The girl fell in love with Echo, and they rode off happily into the sunset.

Do any of these apply to you and your horse?

  • * Your horse just isn't listening to you anymore.
  • * You've lost the trust, and perhaps even the loving feeling you previously had with your horse.
  • * You struggle getting your horse to respond to your simplest request.
  • * You've somehow lost that close bond with your horse, and want to regain it.

Hi, I'm Kim Baker, and I'm the trainer that helped Echo find her forever friend. And now, whether you have a bucking bronco, or are just trying to deepen the connection you and your horse know is waiting for you, I can help.

My DVD program, "Groundwork Essentials" is designed to show you:

  • * How to regain your horse's TRUST.
  • * How to earn your horse's RESPECT.
  • * How to create a wide open channel of COMMUNICATION between you and your horse.
  • * How to develop a DEEPER, RICHER CONNECTION with your horse.
  • * How to avoid common mistakes horse owner make that DESTROY their relationship with their horse.
  • * And much more...

Groundwork Essentials DVD


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Description (Run Time 110 mins):
Do you desire a better relationship with your horse? Does your horse walk all over you? Want to put a great foundation on your young horse? "Groundwork Essentials: Foundation that Lasts a Lifetime" is a wonderful way to build trust with your horse, gain each other's respect, establish you as your horse's leader, create a working partnership, and ultimately develop a lasting relationship with your horse. These exercises work for young horses and older horses alike. Kim Baker walks you through each exercise and how to break it down to teach to your horse. She also tells you why each exercise is important and how it impacts your horse's life for the better. Teach your horse not to pull back when tied and learn to trailer load with ease. Join us as we embark on a journey to a better relationship with our horses.



  • * Trailer load with ease.
  • * Teach your horse not to pull back when tied.
  • * Build your horse's confidence around objects and next to fences.
  • * See how the exercises apply in the saddle.
  • * Learn from two demonstration horses provided by Happy Dog Ranch (portion of proceeds benefits this animal rescue foundation).
  • * Understand what equipment works best and why.
  • * Apply the finished product to help your horse reconnect with you during stressful times (at the show and on the trail).
  • * Environmentally friendly packaging - no plastic.
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