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Muscle Testing

There’s an old saying of “Mind over Matter.”  This is evident in the mind/body/spirit connection.  The mind is closely connected to the body and it rules over its domain. Love will promote health and hate will promote dis-ease.  A person full of energy is active and walks upright and proud, full of life.  A person with a low energy level plods along, with rounded shoulders and a collapsed chest.  It has been found that a generalized reduction of body energy leads to energy imbalances within areas of the body, and that illnesses begin with a problem on the energy level.  It may take several years of energy imbalances before a physical disease appears.

The Beginning
In the late 1970s Dr. George Goodheart found that each large muscle in the body corresponds to a specific organ in the body.  A weakness in that large muscle usually indicates a possible problem with the energy level of the associated organ.  By treating the muscle in a variety of ways, Dr. Goodheart was able to improve the function of the organ as well.  He also found that several large muscles within the body serve as indicator muscles for the entire body.

Nutrition Now Makes Sense!
There is a system of direct feedback from the body – “The Body Does Not Lie!”  All illnesses start with a decrease of life energy.  If a nutritional supplement was given to a patient, and their indicator muscle tested strong, then it was the correct supplement to give the patient.  However, if the indicator muscle tested weak, then it is the wrong supplement to give.  

Muscle TestingPerforming Muscle Testing Example
A muscle will test strong, unless there is some physical problem with it.  We muscle test using the arm (deltoid) because it is the easiest to test.  The deltoid is an indicator muscle of the body’s energy supply.

What to Look for When Muscle Testing
Strong = a spring in the muscle to lock the joint in place.
Weak = arm goes down, cannot resist the pressure.

Muscle Testing on Horses – Why it Works
When we muscle test on horses we speak to the horse’s higher self - the mind/body/spirit connection.  We ask a series of questions to ensure the product is suitable to the horse.

What’s awesome about muscle testing is it is not product specific.  You can muscle test any product/feed to determine if it serves the being for a higher good.