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Animal Communication

Animal Reiki, Energy Healing for Animals (EH), Reiki Certification

 What is Energy Healing?  

The world is comprised of a universal life force, also known as energy.  Everything within the universe runs on vibrational frequencies.  This life force has also been referred to as Qi in China, Prana in India, and “The Force” in “Star Wars.”  As you may recall Yoda was teaching young Luke Skywalker to get into touch with himself, to ground his energy and feel everything around him – the universal life force.  Energy healing works on the premise of this universal life force in that any disease or illness causes an imbalance in a person’s energy (mind/body/spirit).  The practice of energy healing works to remove imbalances and blockages freeing up the flow of energy which is the beginning step towards healing.  Holistic healing will then facilitate the healing process through visualizations, intentions, and simply by infusing the person with loving energy.  Love is the greatest healing power.  Another example of healing energy is the western form of a prayer.  Many Americans believe prayers have healing powers.  Additional modalities include, but are not limited to: Reiki, Craniosacral, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Photonic Light Therapy, Healing Touch, TTouch, Emotional Freedom Technique, some types of Massage, Quantam Touch and many more.

Kim giving Reiki to HarmonyWhat is Reiki?

"A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing," defined by William Lee Rand.  The word "Rei" has often been defined as universal, but William Lee Rand further describes it as "higher knowledge or spiritual consciousness, the wisdom that comes from God or the Higher Self and is the God-Consciousness which is all-knowing.”  The word “Ki” means life energy, same as described above.  Thus, meaning universal life force or life energy, or as William Lee Rand describes it as “spiritually guided life energy.”


Kim Baker is a gifted Reiki Master Teacher. Animal Reiki and Energy Healing for Animals is a wonderful compliment to traditional and alternative healing programs. Kim tunes directly into the animal's vibrational life frequency and identifies the areas where blockages may exist. She works with the intention for animal’s highest good to promote balance within the mind/body/spirit. These types of healing have been proven to reduce stress and alleviate pain in both humans and animals.

Private Session
A session typically consists of gathering information and getting the animal comfortable. The animal may experience a variety of sensations that occur during and/or after the session has ended. The length of the session really depends on the animal, and it varies from animal to animal.
Private session cost starts at $175 depending on your location (additional travel expenses may occur).

Distance Session
Distance sessions are also available often the most popular.
Cost is $147.

Contact us today learn more and to schedule your session.

These healing techniques are not intended to be a substitute or replacement for traditional western or veterinary medicine. We do NOT attempt to diagnose. Consult with your licensed medical/veterinary practitioner for more information.

Reiki Certification, EH 4 Horses and EH 4 Animals

Join us in our Reiki Certification courses.  Learn how to heal yourself, your family, your friends, and your animal loved ones! 

Join us in our Introduction to EH 4 Horses course.  Heal your own horse with your own hands!  Introduction to EH 4 Animals class is also available.

Check the Events calendar for available healing courses.  Or get a group of 6 people together and create your own class.  You the host will be free!

What are people saying?

Joan - Colorado Springs, CO 2012   Introduction to EH 4 Horses Class
"Kim did an excellent job of presenting her knowledge and background to our class.  She is calm and provides a sense of comfort and unity to the class.  Thank you Kim!  I enjoyed the class immensely."

Sue – Lakewood, CO 2012  Introduction to EH 4 Horses Class 
"Kim is gentle and supportive.  She gave alternatives ways to help people "feel" the energy.  Good games."

Traci – Denver, CO 2012  Introduction to EH 4 Horses Class 
"The openness with which Kim teaches encourages openness when doing EH with horses.  It puts the horse's needs first.  This is a very generous and compassionate way to approach EH."