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Don't You Want Yours to Last a Lifetime?

They say a photo is worth a 1,000 words. To me, photos are much more than that. They forever capture the essence of that moment in time. When you have a series of photos of the same subject over time, they begin to tell a story. Heck, you can even tell a story with just ONE photo.

Over time, your memories start to fade. You never really lose them, they just begin to fade out, and the details blur.

Photos help you keep your memories crisp, strong, and last forever.

My very first horse, Zimi, I had for a short 7 months, then he died of a heart attack. I had a couple of handfuls of photos of him. I never thought our time together was going to be so short. After he died I took all the photos I had and created a memory book while all the memories were still fresh in my mind. It took me two weeks to put together. I'm so glad I put that book together. Now anytime I want to look back everything is in that book, and I can relive and cherish those moments forever. But what I realized when I was creating that memory book, was I did NOT HAVE ENOUGH photos of Zimi. I found myself wishing I had more photos of him. From that moment on, I take a lot of photos of my beloved animal friends.

I ENCOURAGE you to do the same. Capture those special moments with a photograph. Create special moments with a photograph so you will have them forever to cherish anytime you wish. We often out live our animal friends, so being able to reconnect anytime we want with a photo is very special.

I can help you create those special moments and memories. Check out my Gallery to see samples of my work.

Photo Packages:

1 hour photo shoot

1/2 hour photo shoot

Custom packages

Discounts given to multiple people in the same location, also known as barn shoots.

Includes processing the images, full size images and social media and email ready sized images.

Additional Photo Print Services include: Gallery Wrapped Canvas Images and Metal Prints.

Contact Us Today with any questions and to schedule your photo shoot!


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