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Animal Communication


Susan and TonkaSusan Muscutt & Serena 3 yr old Paint filly – July 2007
“I had several people try to get my horse to load in my trailer.  Kim accomplished this task in a short amount of time in a very nice way.  Kim was extremely professional.  I was so impressed.  She knocked my socks off!”






Rick Engberg & Picabo 4 yr old Mustang gelding – April 2008Picabo
Kim did a demonstration of the training progress and desensitization work with flag work and explained how it applies to trail riding.  “Very good use of the time we had.  Good explanations of what, where, and why.”

TopperVirgie Engberg & Topper 6 yr old Mustang gelding – April 2008
“Kim really demonstrated the skills she was teaching Topper.  I like her methodology, caring and great attitude.  He’s coming along well!”

Teresa Danielson & Einstein (“E”) 4 yr old Arabian gelding – July 2008Teresa and E
Kim demonstrated a round pen technique to Teresa using her horse E.
“I liked the way Kim was able to read the horse and as he got started seeing how her cues became so subtle that I found them hard to see at times.  Her manner of walking changed and some use of her body language to gain up and down transitions, but the horse found that very clear communication and responded immediately.  Nice work!”

LarryJanice Green & Larry 4 yr old Arabian gelding – August 2008
This young horse was for sale and Kim trained this horse to be bathed and clipped.
“Horse stayed relaxed and learned instead of being forced.  Kim did great work with Larry!”

Bernadette Spillane & Indy 12 yr old Arabian mare – November 2008Kim riding Indy
“What I liked most was the softness with Indy and patience.  Kim was patient and consistent.  Well prepared and Indy enjoyed the sessions.”

Julie Inman & Woody 6 yr old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding – April 2009
“Kim gave a lot of praise to the horse.  Thank you for all you have done for Woody!”

Suzanne Carter & Harmony 10 yr old Thoroughbred mare – June 2009Suzanne Nat and Harmony
“We are truly blessed to know you…and be able to have you work with us and Harmony.  WE LOVED what you did…it was just perfect.”







Kim riding EchoPatty Opperman & Echo 4 yr old Arabian mare – February 2010
"When I sent my Arabian, Echo to Kim for training, she was inexperienced and nervous. Six months later, she came home a confident, healthier and calmer horse. Kim worked with her daily, riding her at least 5 days a week, exposing her to many things, even taking her overnight to an Arabian horse show. The supplements Kim uses also gave Echo a beautiful winter coat. I was highly impressed."

Virgie & Rick Engberg & Topper 8 yr old Mustang gelding – June 2010Kim riding Topper (mustang)
"Just wanted to reiterate how impressed Rick and I were with both Topper and Abby---especially Abby for being such a young horse! It is obvious that you have been working at it, but not pressuring them or confusing them. Your technique is just right. Thanks!!!”

Kim working with AllieLeeAnn Barden & Allie 4 yr old Quarter Horse mare – August 2010
"Thank you for all you've done with Allie. She does look calm! I know she's off to a good start."

Virgie & Rick Engberg & Abby 3 yr old Mustang/Quarter Horse cross mare – September 2010Kim riding Abby
Virgie: "Thank you for doing such a nice job training Abby. You can tell that your patience, love and use of natural horsemanship techniques really brought her along nicely. She seems to be really stable and calm while still having some curiousity. We like that in our horses. It is nice to have them well trained, but not so push button that they're zombies. He's [Rick] like a little kid with a new toy!!”
Rick: "All in all she did great, I am really impressed with her. She is very willing and has alot of try if she is given the time to think about what I am asking her to do. You have exceeded my expectations for her at her age. I think that what you did with her has given her alot of confidence and courage. I cannot thank you enough."

Paula riding DesperadoPaula Huddleston & Desperado 4 yr old Mustang gelding - Private 3 day Clinic – September 2010
"Thank you again for an extremely rewarding experience."

Rene Adams & Maverick 6 yr old Icelandic gelding – March 2011Maverick
"They say how the horse reacts and turns out is all in the handling and training.  I'm lucky I found you!"

Kristina riding SkyKristina Bogar & Sky 13 yr old Paint gelding – August 2011
"My horse Sky and I have been working with Kim for the last 18 months.  My previous trainer talked about natural horsemanship, but Kim brought with her a whole horse approach or a holistic approach.  She helped me come to understand that developing a relationship with Sky is as important as the horsemanship technique.  Last May, I began having problems with Sky being "barn sore" and unresponsive to leg and hand cues.  I decided to move him to Kim's for 60 days of training.  Kim began working with him and taking care of him.  We saw immediately that he was not getting enough to eat at his previous boarding facility.   Kim also determined Sky needed body work to overcome alignments which made it difficult for him to back or move in certain directions. After his chiropractic sessions and Kim's special care, Sky was brought back to optimum health, which resulted in 180 degree change. Sky was able to and willing to work with Kim.  In only a couple of weeks, I was able to use less energy and get more out of our time together.  I feel that Kim's whole horse approach, considering Sky's physical and mental health as well as my part in our relationship has made all the difference.  Now elements Kim has been helping Sky and me with are starting to come together and it's a great feeling.  The 60 day training was well worth it and Kim and I continue to work together several days a week.  In addition, Kim's workshops, connections with other holistic horse practitioners and providing references and reading sources has also helped me in my search to have the best relationship possible with Sky."

Teresa Danielson & Einstein 6 yr old Arabian gelding Craniosacral Therapy – September 2011Einstein after cransiosacral therapy
"I’m a skeptic when it comes to some of the new holistic treatments that are now being offered.  I need to see results in some fashion and some evidence that it is making positive changes and benefits to my horse. But that said, I’m open minded enough to try it.  So we documented changes by taking monthly pictures and documenting the changes I felt in my rides. I found that the modalities work in harmony, that it’s the power of all that works best.  I was amazed that what could have been thought of as conformation issues was actually postural changes . When the horse started to heal and come into balance his posture changed, his gaits changed, his mental engagement changed.  Holistic care works in harmony with traditional medicine, and it is a powerful non-invasive tool,  and pro-active tool to use to keep your horse healthy and balanced."

Kim riding CooperDiane Fogarty & Cooper 13 yr old Palomino gelding – September 2011
"I think you are an exceptional horse trainer, and this is what I wanted to continue working with you for. Your training knowledge, techniques, good eye, rapport with horses, and concern for horses make you shine in this area. I have worked with a lot of trainers in the past 20 years, and I would put you at the top of the list."

Laurie Sheets & Boon 6 yr old Halflinger/Welsh cross gelding - Training, Dentistry & Craniosacral Therapy – October 2011Kim sitting on Boon
Then: "In the field with the other horses he was pretty mellow. He liked to play and would often lead the others in a merry run. Around people he was reactive. Items in the pasture which didn't bother him (flying bags, high winds, motorcycles going by) would cause him to spin off when he was in the round pen. His feet needed to move. Leading him was an adventure. Around the barn he would be okay. If he was too far from the other horses sometimes he would lead, at other times he would take off. The farrier referred to him as the wild child. He would pick up his feet but not very willingly and he was always jumpy. If I walked into his stall he was quick to react. So quick that I would have him leave the stall when I needed to fill his water tank or set up his feed. He was very aware of anything new or things that were in a different place. In working with him most days I had to start from the beginning and work up to a new item. Some days he was less reactive than others but he was never calm and relaxed.

Now: "The first day back from Kim's he walked into the pasture and stood still to be let loose. His head was up and he was excited but he lead quietly to the pasture then stood still until his halter was taken off. He raced with the other horses most of the afternoon..kind of acting like a college student who had just returned home. That night at feeding time, I went into his stall and he stayed there..watchful but not quick or so tense that it could be felt. I touched his chest to ask him to move back and he backed up at a normal pace without leaving. The next morning his head was down and he was calm during the feeding time even though there was a new puppy yipping in the barn. I worked with him twice. Both times I could walk up to him and halter him right away. He is attentive and not spooky. I can float a bag around and on him and he doesn't jump or move. He seems to ask a lot of questions to see if he is doing what I'm asking for. I can touch him all over and he is okay, no flinching, not high headed, not ready to leave. I can ask him to do 'new' things and he seems to be thinking about what to do instead of plotting a way to leave."

Boon's MamaLaurie Sheets & Boon's Mama 13 yr old mare Craniosacral Therapy – October 2011
Before Kim first worked with Boon: "In the field she was dominant but not much would bother her including flying bags, motorcycles, dogs, people walking down the road. Around people she was very tense and wary and seemed to be waiting for the other shoe to fall. When she was let into the pasture she would bolt through the gate like her tail was on fire...not stopping until she was as far away as possible. Several hours on pasture and she would be bloated to the extent she almost looked pregnant. She didn't like to be near people. She was always the last one in from the pasture and would paw like crazy until she get her hay or supplements. She would tolerate handling but would never just walk up to a person. When I worked with her she did not want to be in the round pen. Her movements were quick and mostly she worked at a trot or canter. I could ask her to circle but after several times then she would kick toward me. Access to her right side was difficult and when asked to move with her right side on the inside, she would shake her head as she moved."

After Kim worked with Boon: "Mama was calmer in the stall. She would paw some but not frantically. She would flinch a bit but would stay as long as I didn't make any quick or strong movements. Her eye was softer. In the round pen she would actually start out walking, was more willing to come down from a trot, and was less willing to canter. One night she actually stood by the stall gate and voluntarily let me scratch her neck and back. She just hung around til I ran out of time. Just after that when I let her into the pasture she actually walked through the gate then stopped and looked at me and meandered off. Over the next several days though she seemed to have an 'I don't trust it' type of reaction. She wouldn't come in when I whistled and as I got closer to her she bolted off...heading for the barn at full speed. After that she was calmer..but not as calm as in the initial time frame."

After Kim worked with Mama: "Mama is much less reactive and more 'there'. She is not constantly high-headed. She flinches if I make a strong movement but she didn't make a quick exit and she doesn't seem to hold the tension. The afternoon after Kim worked with her, for the 1st time in 6 years, Mama nickered to me from the pasture. She doesn't paw when waiting for her hay and supplements. After several hours on the pasture she wasn't bloated when she came in. I whistle for her to come in she races my gelding to get to the barn 1st."

After Boon came home: "It feels like a level of trust has been established. Her head is almost always low, her eye very soft. She is okay with Boon being around but not by her side or even in the same pasture. She feels solid and calm...not wary."

SkySky & Kristina – Animal Communication
"I was looking for a new facility to board my horse Sky. I found two places which I felt would be good fits for both Sky and myself. Both places had pluses and I was having troubles making a decision. I asked Kim, who had been training Sky, for help. Kim asked me to do muscle testing to see if I could get a feel for what Sky preferred. I did and felt he had a preference for one facility over the other. I was uncertain, so I asked Kim to consult Sky. She verified that my impressions were correct. He communicated to her that he felt he would be happiest at this facility and under its owner's care. We have now been at this facility for about seven months. Sky has been healthier and happier than he has ever been since we have been together. Without Kim's help, I believe I may have made a different choice, which would have resulted in Sky being less happy and I would not have become more confident concerning my ability to communicate with Sky. Thanks, Kim."

MaxMax & Valerie – Animal Communication
"I heard about Kim from a friend that listens to her radio show. I was having so much trouble with my cat Max. I had taken him to the vet several times and spent close to $500, and he was still suffering. I was desperate so I thought I would give Kim a try. I live in a different state so I wasn't sure how or if it would work, long distance. I emailed Kim a picture of Max and she got back to me within 24 hours with information about what was going on with him. Happily I can say Max is doing great! The information I received from Kim was concise, completely on point and it was very easy to follow her instructions on how to care for Max. Also, there was follow up a couple of weeks later just to make sure that all was still well. I highly recommend Kim, she is professional easy to deal with and most important easy to get reach when you really need someone to help. And, Max really likes her."

DestinyDestiny & Kami – Animal Communication
“Kim did an animal communication with one of my horses to help me pinpoint some chronic pain challenges that my mare had been facing. Kim was able to accurately clarify specific regions in my mare’s body that were centric to the pain, and recommended a holistic treatment approach. Thanks Kim!”

Tatiana and Alice – Riding Lessons
"Thank you so very much for you patience and kindness and for sharing your knowledge with us and our horses!"

Alex Vaughan – Riding Lessons
"I sincerely appreciate all the lessons you gave me and the skills that I have learned from you during those lessons. The skills took me to the YMCA camp in Grandby, CO where I spent most of my time as lead wrangler taking over most of the responsibilities when no one else would. Managing over 50 head, the barn and lessons twice a day from beginner to advanced, and trail rides. Some weeks I learned how to do riding drills with the Westernairs and even taught the drills to our kids at the camp when we hosted a rodeo. I know that without the skills I learned from you I would not be able to take on such a huge task, let alone have the confidence to do so. I am very glad that I was able to learn from your experience."

Ron and Donnell Rosenberg - Riding Lessons
"We both feel like we’ve gotten terrific training from you. The ranch managers/trainers [where we bought our horses] have commented on that, when we tell them how much groundwork we’ve done with you, how much all-around instruction we’ve received. They said that all too often a trainer just has the students ride all the time and skips these critical parts of horsemanship."